Surco Textures

Main characteristics and benefits

  • There are six major grades ranging from SURCO 10 (Ra 0.5µm ~ VDI14 ) to SURCO 60 (Ra 8.0µm ~ VDI38). In general we can reproduce every roughness from Ra 0.10µm to about Ra 10µm.
  • For each type of texture different gloss levels can be applied. This can also be done for existing textures to change or renew the gloss to a measurable value.
  • SURCO textures are easier to repair compared to etched or spark erosion structures. Repair is often done in combination with laser welding. The parameters for each texturising job are archived to assure a perfect reproduction of the original values.
  • All SURCO applications can be done on location with our fully equipped mobile facility and trained technicians. This service eliminates tool packaging and shipping risks and costs, plus greatly reduces production downtime.
  • We have texture samples with different roughness and gloss levels available in PP, ABS, TPE and PE. Other plastics can also be ordered.
Surco Textures

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