Flow and Release

The flow and release properties of a plastic product is to a large extend dependent on the condition of the mould surface. Often little attention is paid to the condition of the surface on a non-visible area although this may influence process parameters significantly.

To determine the effects of surface treatments on the injection process SURTECHNO has set up several test programs over the years in collaboration with research institutions. As a result we have built up an extensive archive of surface parameters that influence the flow and release behavior of different types of plastic substantially.

Bumper mould treated with Surcolube 30 gained 15% in cycle time and has less deformations due to better release.
Spiral Flow Study
A spiral flow study on the effect of Surcolube surface treatments on flow behaviour was carried out by KHLim Cel Kunstoffen in 2012. The graph shows the weight gain in terms of percentage in comparison to a technically polished surface.

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